Not sure where to start - wise to start with full stack development?

Hi everyone, I am very new to coding and looking at the best path to start learning. Having done the intro course I think full-stack development would suit me best, however, from what I have read and speaking to others in the coding world already, it would suggest that it is best to start with either front-end or back-end first and become more experienced in one of these before going into full-stack.

I haven’t done the code foundations path either so if it may be worth starting with this that would good to know as well.

if anyone has any experience of this or advice on where to start then it would be really helpful - thanks!

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It’s a subjective question that will result in subjective answers. The best thing that one can suggest is figure out what your end goal is or, what you want to build or contribute and go from there. Pick a programming language and start learning (though, you will always be learning, which is a good thing).

There are many, many forum posts that are similar to your question and it’s a common topic of discussion. You might find some answers here too:
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