Not sure what to ask here...its all so confusing


"Enclose these three divs with a div that has a class called value-props." This was a question in learn HTML & css part 1.

In this lesson there is not a part that talks about enclosing multiple divs. After exhausting all of what I learned from this lesson I still did not understand what it was asking. So I get the error message ,after getting the answer wrong several times, that asks if I want to keep trying or just get the code. So I choose to get the code and it answers all the questions for me and I still do not understand what it's trying to teach me. I figured that if I don't know the answer then there should be something explaining what or where I'm wrong. Not just here is the answer and lets move on. Anyone else have this issue? Can anyone explain how to enclose multiple divs?


To help you, it'd be best if you provided us with:

  • a link to the exercise
  • your current code
  • any error message you might be getting



Here is the link:

I reset the project a few times already and I don't remember exactly how I was trying. I mean I tried to use
div.contaner and I just could not get anything right. Also my code was pretty much just guessing so I don't think knowing what I tried to use would be helpful to know. The error messages that I got was to just keep trying or to get the code. When I chose to get the code it just answers the rest of the questions for me.


At around line 26 is where the first prop div starts. Study the listing and locate all three. Under the closing tag of the third one, (~line 43) add another closing tag, </div>. Now scroll back up to line 26 and insert an opening tag, <div class="value-props">.


Well your approach was very interesting and helped me to somehow keep track of where I was at and I felt I could make clear decisions, rather than be frustrated and lost. Where I think it helped was when you instructed to add close tag first, and then inset the opening tag. It is very new to me and I thank you very much sir!


sorry guys I need help in the multiple selectors: css I don’t get what I’m supposed to do