Not starting from scratch


I have been interested in offering via e-mail to "Learn Responsive Design". So, when I
follow the link I am taken to "learn html/css". I have been doing html since 2003 and
since have learned enough css to get along. I have also been learning javascript since 2003. So I am not eager to start from scratch. My html experience has been in v4, xhtml, and to an initial degree html v5.

I am also informed that my main browser, Firefox v33.1 is out of date. There is a concept called backward compatibility. This browser should not be incompatible with any desktop related markup and code. It would be a bit more use full to include the last compatible version of each client type, although I have seen some issues in Firefox.

My question is: is there a way to evaluate my existing level of experience and recommend courses based on it and where I need to improve my knowledge?

Thank you for time and attention.