Not seeing results after coding

all my coding is correct, yet no results to see. here is my coding:
#about a[attribute] {
position: relative;

#about a[attribute]:hover::after {
transform: scale(1);
transition: transform ease-out 150mm;

Welcome to the forums.

I think you’ve omitted to change the placeholder for the attribute you want to look for?

hi! i am doing a course on udemy and the person teaching had said to do what i did

hi! could someone pls respond

Here is the MDN documentation on the correct use of attribute selectors.

As I said previously, I am reasonably confident that you’re not intending to select an element with an attribute of attribute. Presumably whomever created the Udemy course you’re following intended for you to replace it with whatever attribute you actually want to target.

hello i have tried what you have said and it has not worked. Could you tell me another way??

and the way that the guy teaching the course cded it was this way: attribute (attr)

hi i think its supposed to be attribute (attrt) cause thats what i did and it worked depends on what coding language you use

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i am coding in css from 2019

this does not work for me

Hi! could you pls awnser me about another way to fix my problem?? 2020-09-14 time: 14:23:00 :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

hey! could you pls awnser this thred???

hi! pls awnser and have a look at my coding:
#about a[attribute] {
position: relative;
#about a[attribute]:hover::after {
transform: scale(1);
transition: transform ease-out 150ms;

Hi there.

A couple of quick things, if I may.

You’re asking about a Udemy course; this is not the Udemy forum. We don’t have any access to whichever course it is that you’re following on their site, and I would have expected your first stop for help with material on Udemy to be the course instructor or Udemy themselves.

That being said, we do try and help where we can - even if the question is not about a Codecademy lesson. :slight_smile:

Finally, every user here on the forum is a learner at Codecademy. Nobody - not even the moderators - gets paid to be here answering questions, which means everything is on a “best efforts” basis. We might be able to help, we might not, but we aren’t an “on demand” resource in any sense.

Right, to the actual question.

I already did.

Without access to the course material there is no way to be absolutely sure about this, but I am 99% sure that this remains correct:

The MDN documentation I linked you to previously contains several examples based on the anchor tag, which is what you’re attempting to target yourself.

There are a number of attributes that one can give to an anchor tag, but let’s focus on a trivial one and imagine that we want to link to the main Codecademy site. We would write this in our HTML:

<a href="">Codecademy</a>

The anchor has a single attribute, href. Consequently, we can use this in our CSS like so:

/* this selector applies to any anchor (<a>) with an `href` attribute */
a[href] {
    color: azure;

/* this selector applies to any anchor whose href contains "codecademy" */
a[href*="codecademy"] {
    text-transform: uppercase;

If you want to see more examples, I would again recommend that you read the MDN documentation here.

I know of no HTML element which has an attribute of attribute or attr, so using these in your CSS as you have done will have no effect because the selector will select nothing. The course instructor most likely meant for that to be a placeholder - as it’s used in the MDN documentation - and for you to replace it in your own code.

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