Not Satisfied with "Improved Styling with CSS" part 2

I was taking the “Improved Styling with CSS” certification exams.

Part 1 was great, but the last two questions of Part 2 were extremely frustrating.

The feedback is essentially ‘take the exam again in 24 hours, but you don’t have any access to the questions you got wrong, nor is there any outline you can view covering those specific areas you were incorrect’.

The second part is that it’s just wrong. I was doing the code questions side-by-side in VSCode, achieving exactly the outcome desired, but then submitting your code to be met with “Did you include _____ in your transition?” (I was working on CSS transition properties, I used both the short-hand and long-hand in my attempts).

First time I’ve ever encountered this on CodeCademy. Hope this doesn’t repeat in the future.

This structure of hiding exam questions 24 hours only to fail again 24 hours later is no way to learn, we need to discuss a better implementation of examination.

When you ask a question, don’t forget to include a link to the exercise or project you’re dealing with!

If you want to have the best chances of getting a useful answer quickly, make sure you follow our guidelines about how to ask a good question. That way you’ll be helping everyone – helping people to answer your question and helping others who are stuck to find the question and answer! :slight_smile:

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Taking nothing away from your experiences and how frustrating you found them, I will note that this is not the appropriate sub-forum for seeking feedback on such things. Get Help is for people seeking assistance with their code.

If you are absolutely sure you are right, there is a report bug feature in one of the top menus. You’ll need to do the exam to get to it, unfortunately. I reported a bug in one of the flexbox questions for the same exam, so they’re not 100% polished yet.

I had the same frustrating problem with part 2.

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Have you managed to pass the question/exam? I feel like the last 2 questions may be bugged because I

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I have not managed to pass it but I’m not really worried about it.
I’ll update you when I do :+1:

Thanks for your message!

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I had a similar frustration with the 4th question as well. I typed in the code, both short and long hand and got the desired effect, yet I got the inquiry if did the transiaiton correctly.

I am dealing with the same bug as well.