Not Reddit - Terrific Reddit Clone

Hello world!

I’m happy to present this project that is as similar as possible to Reddit, users can see posts, users and Subreddit information, like in the real webpage. It took me around 40hrs to make, distributed in three months (because I had other things to do). Today is finally the day, I can announce the “end” of this project.

It was a terrific experience, implementing the comment section was the most challenging part of the process, but after I got past creating the main components, the rest flowed easily. Because I took 3–4 months to make it, GitHub managing was difficult, and I only made 2 commits (Initial and Final).

I might have finished the project, but the project has a lot of features that I might implement in the future. Do tell me about bugs that should be fixed or features that should be implemented.

Not-Reddit: Not Reddit
GitHub: GitHub - MathiasAiva/Not-Reddit: A Reddit Clone That Isn't Reddit

Feedback is always welcome!

Have a great year (2023).

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