Not obvious enough how to post code

I’ve noticed that probably over 90% percent of all code posted in the python sub forum is submitted in the wrong way. This makes it a complete pain to give any help. There is functionality that’s almost perfect for posting code (wouldn’t printing line numbers be awesome?), but first time posters have no idea about that. It seems like a pretty major design flaw in a forum for coding, especially for python.

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Hey Fredrik,

I just suggested this as a feature over in the Codecademy Platform Problems and Suggestions subcategory, since I think that’s a better place to ask for this - I definitely agree that this is a problem, especially when dealing with HTML, Ruby, or Python, since those each need code formatting to show up properly.

Hey Zeke, here are how the two forums are meant to be used:

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@albionsrefuge Oh, right. Thanks!
Should I move my other post over to here, or just leave it since I already created it?

I would say move it if you want it to have its own thread. If you want it to be added as posts to this thread then I can do that for you.

@albionsrefuge If you could merge it into here for me, that’d be great.

@albionsrefuge Where would a request go for something related to Codecademy, but not the site? (think meetups or t-shirts)

Good question, I don’t see anything that covers that. You could put it in until something better appears.

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