NOT not


The other NOT questions were closed. I am stuck here:

# Use boolean expressions as appropriate on the lines below!

# Make me false!
bool_one = (2 <= 2) and "Alpha" == "Bravo"  # We did this one for you!

# Make me true!
bool_two = (2 <= 2) and "Alpha" == "Alpha"

_**# Make me false!**_
_**bool_three = 2 < 3 not 2 > 3**_

I don't understand the above

# Make me true!
bool_four = 7>6 or 4>5

# Make me true!
bool_five = 5 != 4 or "True" == "False"


the reason we close topics, is so people make new topics. Otherwise, topics become very cluttered. If the topics stay small, you can quickly look at a topic and see if the right information is in there for you

not can use to make false true, and to make true false. It works different from or and and which allows us to do multiple comparison. not is just for a single comparison.


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