Not getting just the version number

Not getting just the version number, getting only the MD formatting:

# shellcheck disable=SC2086

# Created by Paul A. Gureghian in May 2020. #
# This Bash shell script copies certain files from a source directory to a build directory. #

# Start script. #

# Welcome. #
echo "Welcome. Beginning build."

firstline=$(head -n 1 source/

read -a splitfirstline <<< $firstline
echo $splitfirstline

Hi Paul,

Right now, you are echoing an array, i.e. a “list” that contains the contents of the first line. What you want to do is to get the version number from index 1 in the array, as specified in step 5, i.e. you need to add the intermediate step


I hope this helps, and all the best,

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I was following the project and that’s not the way it was shown.