Not getting a request for user name and password when trying git push from git bash

I’m trying to link my local repo with github as described in “Set up with git and github”

everything is fine until I try git push -u origin main, where I don’t get asked for a user name and password.
When I close the git bash window I get a message:
"Processes are running in session:
27316 1951 "C:\Program Files…
25344 1950 "C:\…

I don’t know if it’s relevant, but I’m using my workplace machine that uses a VPN. I tried doing this process without the VPN and it still failed

I’d recommend viewing github’s own docs for this bit (it has changed a bit fairly recently so following any step by step instructions might be an issue).

Make sure you select the portion for Windows. I assume what you’re trying to do is cache details with the credential manager? The second heading down describes how that should work and the section at the end shows you how to remove any pre-existing details that might’ve been saved (having the wrong details cached would be my first guess).

If there’s nothing cached and you’re still not getting a prompt you could try directly interacting with the credential manager, basics described at-

If that’s still no good you could try a generic web search for that specific error to see if anyone else gets stuck at that point.

If you had to then you could consider looking into the use of a personal access token or perhaps SSH instead. One way or another you’ll get there :slightly_smiling_face:. If you’re unsure about any of these following the github docs would be the best option.

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Thanks tgtim for your help,
I tried both of your recommendations, eventually what worked is doing the push from the command line and not through Git Bash.

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Ah grand, does it now work in gitbash too or is it only cmd that’s behaving properly?