Not even a markup language

Talking about screenreaders and the src attribute, I was wondering the following. In 2020 is not very reasonable to spend time on creating webpages (or at least that is my opinion). Now my question is with regard to the inmense amount of websites done with wordpress. That’s not even a markup language. How do screenreaders react to that?

And that leads to other questions like how SEO works with Wordpress, or with other languages within the website like scripts or other markup languages? Seems like SEO is a big deal. Amazing.

WordPress is just a template for working with a database. The end product that is sent to the client is, or should be a valid HTML document, plain text.

Well formed documents are accessible, and SEO works the same for them as any other regular web page.

Depends what you want to create, though.
If by this you mean “… so let’s use WordPress”. Sure, but it’s not suitable for everything.

Might as well use Wix, then.

WordPress has this plugin, Yoast SEO, that makes your work a bit easier.

There are many contributing factors to SEO success, however. Most of the work will have to be done by you, as WordPress doesn’t exactly provide that out-of-the-box (and why SEO is actually a full-time job). The theme that you’ll be using might also come in as a factor, depending on how it’s built.

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I’m not saying that creating websites in 2020 is not part of my agenda bc Wordpress is a better option. Contrary I would prefer to use HTML, CSS and JS at least. I’m only saying I’m not interested on that as it’s something that has been doing since the early internet.