Not bring able to run sqlite on Git Bash

I’m having trouble getting sqlite working on my laptop.
It worked when I first tried but now it’s telling that the directory is wrong

Hello, and welcome to the forums!

I recognize @el_cocodrilo’s avatar in the corner of your screenshot, so I know which instructions you’re following :sunglasses:

The issue is the space in your path (i.e. “Program Files”), so it causes an issue with the alias that is created. He updated the instructions for another user that had a space in the path name like you do:

echo "alias sqlite3=\"winpty '${PWD}'/sqlite3.exe\"" >> ~/.bashrc

The added single quote marks around ${PWD} should allow you to create a working alias. Try going through the instructions again with that updated command.

Source: Can't get sqlite3 command to work in Git Bash