Not being able to type the code

I am trying to start my HTML course but I am unable to type the code required for the exercises. I tried doing a different course too but it still didn’t work. I am on a Laptop using Chrome.

Hi @script9214445915

You’re going to have to provide a bit more information.

I assume you are referring to the HTML Course on Codecademy?
Are you using the inbrowser coding enviroment or are you attempting to use an external code editor such as VS Code?

Any additional infromation would help.

Be sure to have javascript enabled, to be allowing cookies to store and to have disabled third parties web extensions (such as adblockers) that could conflict with the coding environment.


Yes, I am referring to the HTML course on Codeacademy and I am using the in-browser coding environment.

I have tried all of them but none of it worked.

Can you describe what specifically is going wrong (do the letters not show up, does this happen on sites other than Codecademy, etc.)? Please also post screenshots.

record your screen, and share the video, seeing what you’re seeing could make it easier and faster to pinpoint the problem. :slight_smile: