Not being able to remove the country tab in neural networks

I keep trying to drop the “Country” tab in implementing neural networks, but every time I try to do that it says there is a syntax error.

If you want help, you’re going to have to include a bit more information that that.

Here is my code:
import pandas as pd

dataset = pandas.read_csv(“life_expectancy.csv”)



dataset = dataset.drop([Country], axis = 1) <------- This one is supposed to drop the country area because it can’t be generalized over.

labels = dataset.iloc[:, -1]

features = dataset.iloc[:, 0:-1]
I’ve been stuck on it for awhile, so I thought I should ask someone with more experience. Lmk

The column name has to be in quotes.


df = df.drop(['col_name'], axis =1)

I don’t think that worked