Not able to import programs to Jupyter Notebooks

I downloaded the latest available version of Python. I also installed Jupyter Notebook and the conda package.
All of this is for a Window operating system. And I am using GitBash to access the commandpromt/terminal interface.

I began working on a project while entailed me to import a few sub-programs(?) onto Jupyter Notebook:

Unfortunately, I am not able to do so and get this error message:

Can someone help me understand how to go about troubleshooting this?

Was it anaconda or miniconda that you installed? When you say you installed Jupyter Notebook how did you do this?

If you’re running python installed with conda then you’d want to ensure you have the packages you need in your current environment, conda list would show you those packages and conda install would add them (e.g. conda install pandas).

If you’re running a standalone python install and started working with pip then the equivalent commands would be pip list and pip install.


Thank you tgrtim!
The solution was to check what I meant when I said, ‘installed Jupyter Notebook’.
I realized I was using miniconda to run python and hence would need to install packages and then import the same.
Rookie mistake.
Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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