Not a complaint against Codecademy... but man, it's sooooo slow in China!

Just ranting a bit right now…

I’m learning React and stuck on Step 10: Rendering a component. Why?

Because Great Firewall, that’s why.

I run into problems occasionally with free code camp, but man, for some reason TGF doesn’t like codecademy that much. Sometimes I have to refresh multiple times, sometimes it just doesn’t work (like today). Using a VPN helps sometimes, but not that often.

Seriously, I’m making decent money out here in China, but I can’t wait to start my new teaching contract in Japan. Then I can finally get fast internet that doesn’t slow down to a crawl when I ping a server outside of China.

(As I was typing this, codecademy finally worked and passed so I can move onto the next step. After about 20 minutes of trying. Sigh. Great Firewall, you will not be missed.)

So it works, but is slow? When I tried about a year ago, I couldn’t even log in. What browser were you using? And what VPN?
Thanks for any info you can give me on this. I’m going back in half a year and I don’t want to give up Codecademy