Not a code problem, a code testing problem


I’m not too sure if w3schools’ testing thingy is broken or if my code is broken, but I can’t seem to see my website when I press the run button. Please give me a code tester, thanks.

EDIT: They call it a Tryit Editor.

~ Christina Maverick.


w3schools might be something you want to be really alert:

there are plenty of online testing environments (jsbin, jsfiddle, codepen and many more), but the best way would be to learn how to use a text-editor (for example atom) to create html files and run them locally on your computer


Thanks stetim! You’re a great help right now since the website is basically a shortcut to a six-chapter story I made. :grin::heart_eyes:


install atom:

so you can store the files locally, and even make a back-up of them to not loose them


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