[Noob] How to actually run a Python script for everyday use?


I have finished the Python 2 course here at Codecademy and now I have downloaded Python and Atom IDE, and started to think of a few beginner Projects to get me started. I decided to just make a simple script to generate and update a made up football League, With different teams gaining Points and ranks on a table as they play their matches. My question is not about the code involved in this.

However, i want the result of that Project to be viewed in a user-friendly way (not cmd or txt.) and of course be able to interact With it since updating the different teams’ score is necessary to update the table. My question: Where does the final Python script end up? What Interface will do this?


there are so many ways to achieve this, you could write your own GUI interface with tkinter (easy GUI library), but tkinter looks like its from the windows XP era (or even earlier). You could also use PyQt. Which looks a lot better, but is also more difficult

you can make it a web-app, here there are again more options (flask, django)

whatever path you choice, you will need something to store the data. Database seems like the logical choice. Again, as should be no surprise at this point, many options available (sqlite, mysql, postgresql)

This is a tricky bit when new to programming, deciding a technology stack.


Thanks! This is obviously more work than I imagined. Guess I need to learn more Python. But thanks, for fast response!

people often underestimate the complexity of writing applications.

let me know if you have any further questions