None of the Pro projects will show completion

Please ignore this as I believe I’ve figured it out… the computer doesn’t seem to grad this and you have to “self-check” that you got it right (which doesn’t make much sense… but seems to work).

I just started Pro this morning and when I opened up all those “projects” the questions were all revealed and although I went through them one by one (and they seem to pass) they never showed any of them being completed.

Like an idiot I assumed that it was because I was already in the javascript section and I was going back to HTML/CSS that hadn’t been available and there for it thought I was done already… so I reset all those lessions and started over.

However, now I’m on my second one and just like the first it won’t show anything completed and open the “next” button.

reported as a bug, but that doesn’t help me in showing them as completed… currently this is happening on Fashion Blog

You might want to try the get help button and write Codecademy directly, they might be able to help you out specifically.

I submitted a bug, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to “contact” them… however, I “self” checked them and it seems to accept that I said I did it.


Hi there.

The lessons have tests behind them, which check whether you’ve correctly implemented code to meet the given task. As you get things right, the task is checked off and you move to the next one.

The projects, however, are more open-ended; as you’ve rightly noticed, you need to check off the tasks yourself as you work through the project.

This isn’t a bug, but rather is intentional behaviour. :slight_smile:

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I’m so silly. For some reason I didn’t realize he was doing those self-check exercises :rofl: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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