None of the pictures are showing on my results tab. Does anybody know whats happening?


Replace this line with your code.


Short answer... No. You have given us nothing to go by but our crystal ball. Please provide the following...

  1. A link to the exercise.
  2. Your code sample.
  3. Error message.


I'm not talking about trying to do an exercise and failing. I mean whenever I go to any exercise that is supposed to already have a picture in the result tab as soon as a start it, there's only a picture icon


The image at this URL is not coming down because the server is timing out.


Not sure if this is temporary or a permanent change on Eric's end. The image was there two days ago.

I found the same image on Wikipedia. Use this img tag...

<img src="" width="100"/>


thanks a lot, I had no idea what was going on.


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