None of the image link addresses I use work in editor


It seems like none of the image link addresses that I paste in the editor are viewable. Hardly any of my images show up. I have been using Google Images and other various sites. Is there a better site to use for images? Do the addresses need to include a .png or .jpg at the end? If so, I am already doing that. Any help would be appreciated.




yes they do need to include the image type unless the code is shortened ..
Could you paste in the code so I can have a look


Tables Are Mega Sweet


remove this text and add in your code


<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>Table Time</title>
		<h1 style="font-family: Arial">Tables Are Mega Sweet</h1>
		<img src=""/>
		<a href=""/></a>


This link is the link to the page you need to right click on the image and copy image url

This is the URL for the image:

This link doesnt have any text .. You need to add between the a tags

I suggest you use short links as would be easier

<a href=""> My link text goes here </a>
<img src="" />


make sure when getting image from any site using a mac follow this to get proper address:
1. click Control and copy image address NOT image url

you don't need to add .jpg or .png it should already have that included.

Cheerios :slightly_smiling:


Great! Thank you all!