Non-video tuples tutorial? (Python course suggestion)

I’m learning Python on Codecademy and I skipped the tuples video because I don’t like learning from videos. I like Codecademy because of the types of tutorials it provides; I’m not here for videos.

Is there an alternate way for me to learn tuples on Codecademy? Or elsewhere?

(This is the first time I’ve run into a video in place of a proper tutorial. If it keeps coming up, I’ll cancel my paid membership, because that’s very much NOT what I’m here for.)

As you pointed out, everyone learns differently. Some are visual learners, some prefer text-based learning. Everyone is different and neither way is “better” or “worse”.

You could always check the python docs:

Of course I understand that neither way is better or worse. I expected consistency. I signed up for Codecademy so that I could get the types of tutorials I had been getting throughout the entirety of learning Python up until tuples. I’ve gotten a lot of value out of going through the examples and writing my own code according to the lessons Codecademy has laid out. I don’t think that a video is at all the same type of product. This doesn’t feel like Codecademy is trying to accomodate visual learners; this feels like Codecademy skipped a lesson and gave me a video instead.

Ah, okay. I gotcha. :+1: I think this would be a good course recommendation then. Perhaps others have the same feelings on this part of the course.