Non-Technical Founder Learning to Code


Hello -
I like to say I’m technical enough to know when to shut up…that is to say, I know programming fundamentals and have written some very basic code in the past, but I’m certainly not up-to-date on the latest languages and processes, and at best my skills can be described as rusty.

I have founded a company and while I’ve got great technical resources, I’ve realized that I want to get a little deeper in my development skills so that I have more effective and intelligent conversations with them, especially as we’re making some of our earliest decisions for our platform.

Looking forward to getting started coding again, so I thought I’d reach out to the broader community to see what courses you all would recommend for me with my priorities being:

  1. Understand differences and benefits of various languages
  2. Data structures
  3. Full development life cycle and tools (e.g. Git, Jenkins, IDEs, etc)

A few pieces of background on my product that might be relevant:

  1. API intensive platform
  2. Uses machine learning
  3. B2B for enterprise customers
  4. Integrates with AppSec tool

I look forward to hearing your recommendations!


Since your product uses machine learning i would advise starting the python course and the machine learning course if these are still unfamiliar to you. Also a lot of the related courses are also done in python. Besides its not a bad language to have on hand.

These things you would need to research on your own to understand them completely.

Data structures could maybe be learned from this course. It talks about basics tho so it might be to basic.

If you mean that the platform uses a lot of API’s than you would need to read up on these API’s yourself. If you mean that the platform uses and creates they’re own API’s than this intensive course might help you on creating API’s and understanding how this is done.
To decide which API you want/need is usually a lot of research and trial and error.

Theses things i am not experienced with so i wont give any recommendations on it either.