Non-instructional books about programming?

Hello coders!

So I’m having a really great time learning to code on Codecademy, using practical projects and lessons, and I’ve gone from zero to quite comfortable in a remarkably short time. As with anything, I experience occasional feelings of getting overwhelmed – but get there in the end!

Because of the way I learn, something I think would really help me is a book that isn’t necessarily tuition-based – but isn’t too theoretical either. Something that’s like a whistle-stop tour of the terms, structures, concepts etc you need to know – like the introductory module here on Codecademy, but in book form, covering things like:

  • Objects. operators, keys, values
  • Return, print, puts
  • Console, editors and working environments, git, etc
  • Statements, arguments, functions
  • Blocks, syntax, hierarchy, modules
  • Visualisation

By way of analogy, I learn to cook via learning cooking theory and practising myself (as opposed to simply doing recipes). My favourite books are the ones that have a bit of personality and fun, and aren’t necessarily bone-dry and overly factual.

This would be something I could read completely separate to practice; away from my laptop! But most CS books are advanced and theoretical.

Does this sound like something one of you might have come across? I’m sure it exists, even if it is quite specific, but I just don’t know where to find it!

Thank you everyone :slight_smile:

I am not sure if it is what you are looking for, but I ordered a book that was part of some resources here.