Non-Correlated Subqueries II 3/7, Can anyone explain in basic language why "code" is used after select in the inner query?


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It behaves as is, but I’m just trying to understand what is happening, cause the current text doesn’t really explain it well enough.
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select * from flights where origin in (select code from airports where elevation < 2000);

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That exercise is having you use a subquery (so you’re pulling information from another table, not just the “flights” table). Try running this query:

SELECT*FROM airports;

You’ll see that “code” is a column in the “airports” table.


I’m doing the SQL-Courses since today and slowly I’m losing the grip, so I need to start asking questions:

I don’t understand how this works in terms of, I understand how subquery works, cause there is clear question: SELECT (Display) FROM airports WHERE elevation < 2000


Where is the connection between the codes and the flights? How does the “main” query know which fly it needs to “display” or to select?

I hope you understand my question.

Thanks in Advance!

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