When your code is passing, take a moment to consider:

  • How would you get yacko ‘s value?
  • How could you get from yacko to wacko ‘s value ?
  • How do you think nodes could be helpful for keeping track of and storing information?

Any answers?

Is that cut straight from a lesson? You might want to link the lesson and provide a little more information/context. Considering this is a learning community what do you think would be the answers to those questions?

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I strongly, highly recommend making diagrams of data structures in most of the comp sci data structure lessons (and maybe even write out a pseudocode version on the code by its side).

Try to run the code on paper and see if you can follow it.

Not only is it important knowing the gist of it, but in order for one to be able to build it up from scratch all the components (and the greater goal) have to make sense.

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