Node version issue in x-press publishing

This has been addressed in another thread I’ve commented on, but I think in general, some of the xpress-publishing project needs to be run in an earlier version of node (8.9.3). It took me a lot of research, including looking through the codecademy forums, but i had to install nvm, switch to node version 8, and only then could i npm install sqlite3, the migration.js file ran, the table was created and i can now read it in my db browser, and the npm test command worked. Maybe this needs to be addressed in the project files?


Yeah same problem here. Please fix this.

I took your advice and tried using both node versions 8 and 9 to install sqlite3 but I still get the same error. CODECADEMY WHERE ARE YOU???

This worked for me, its an npm package that has a lot of support features including bundling slqite3 versions as a fallbacks if there are comparability issues.

In the terminal type: npm install

I haven’t found any issues so far with using it but, I would create a git branch before installing it in case it does cause issues or if codecademy finds a better solution.


Hello man, I still have the problem. I tried using this solution but sqlite3 is still not working and I don’t know how to fix this issue