Node Module -Mixer Message

Hi ! I am coding the project Mixer Message and i am stuck at 10 and 11 tasks. I don`t understand logic behind this code:
const encodeMessage = (str) => {
return reverseCipher(symbolCipher(caesarCipher(str, 6)));

const decodeMessage = (str) => {
return caesarCipher(symbolCipher(reverseCipher(str)), -6);
Please , help me ! Thanks!

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Hi @java4785056885
Welcome to the forums!

everybody’s coming up with this neat dense line of code, is that extracted from the solution?
I did this in three separate steps, which represents the same equation:

would be this in separate steps:

const encrypt1 = caesarCipher(str, 6);
const encrypt2 = symbolCipher(encrypt1);
const encrypt3 = reverseCipher(encrypt2);
return encrypt3;

Does that answer your question?