Node JS

I currently start leaning Node Js but I cannot understand anything of it well I am struggling to learn it from 2 Weeks and I also practice the same exercises much more time but still find it difficult.
Can anyone please suggest to me how to learn it.
Please help me out some :pensive:

Don’t lose hope! Sometimes it simply takes a little for things to ‘click’, particularly with different ideas.

I would start out by writing out on paper in very general terms (or voice memos could work too!):

Here are some thoughts I ask myself when dealing with new, daunting material:

  • What is (node js), what is it for?
  • What are some of of the common techniques it uses to achieve those aims?
  • Of those, which do you feel most/least uncomfortable about?
  • One day, pick 1 of those uncomfortable ideas and research about it (book, forums, youtube, codecademy)
  • Once you become more familiar with your ‘difficulty’, try to see if you can combine that difficulty with ideas you are more comfortable with, you can even do it briefly on a conceptual level on paper

If you attack the little difficulties first, you will become more familiar with more specific issues… and to have specificity over something is very powerful (because then you know what you can concentrate your efforts on and bring others to help).

All of this of course, takes time and energy, so do it when you do have good energy to tackle something even if it’s only 20 minutes. This forum can also help out, so don’t be afraid to ask the tiniest questions! Even the outline of the plan to better understand node can be shared for feedback, and you’d be surprised how helpful that can be.

I have met and worked with many incredibly talented people in my life. But I don’t know any that tackle all their worst difficulties every day of every week. It’s ok to pick your battles starting small.

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