Node.js - Executable file?

I am working on this ( and when I downloaded Node.js my computer gave me this pop up that I have to agree to.

“node-v14.15.4-x64.msi” is an executable file. Executable files may contain viruses or other malicious code that could harm your computer. Use caution when opening this file. Are you sure you want to launch “node-v14.15.4-x64.msi”?

This worries me. Is downloading this file safe?

Thanks! :grinning:

Where did you download it from?

Also, generally when you download applications from websites, anti-virus systems installed will freak out. I suggest doing a virus and malware check.

Codecademy wouldn’t promote it if it wasn’t safe to download. Also, millions of developers use it. I downloaded it from the official website, so I know it’s safe.

I downloaded directly from Download | Node.js

I ran a scan and it detected zero threats. Thanks for the help I have never seen a prompt like that before.

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Hello @emarchetti37. Welcome to the Forums.
The link that you have specified should work just fine for downloading Node js.
Just make sure that the version you’re downloading the installer for is compatible with your system and you can go ahead and install it.
.msi file extension is a common windows installer extension. You may download it without any issues.