Node.js Coure

I think it would be very beneficial for Codecademy to give an course in Node since after a long search on the net it seems that there are no online courses for Node and that while node is an very power full an resource full language is

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If you want to learn Node and other web languages online, I recommend this one for you.
You could also try these tutorials, if you are interested.


Try this Node.js Tutorial to learn Node.js basics and Node.js Modules with Example Node.js Scripts.

I have come across this NodeJS Tutorial which has detailed explanation on basics of NodeJS, NodeJS modules, working with NodeJS MySQL, NodeJS JSON etc.

How about Nodeschool Free Workshops

You can try one of Turbo360’s multiple Node tutorials. They give you a lot of hands on experience, and let show you how to implement widely used tools like google maps into your projects. Its especially great for those trying to become freelancers or who want to start their own startups. You could try their garage sale app tutorial first.

I cannot install NodeJs on my computer. It keeps on asking Password and i don’t know what password they need ? Any suggestion please ? thanks