No videos for the end of unit projects for express or SQL (gold medal metrics & boss machine)?

Hi there,
I wanted to see if there was any plans to have one of the developer walk through videos for the two projects i listed in the topic. I found them very helpful with guiding me through earlier projects and was sort of disappointed to see that they weren’t available for these two very complex topics.

Hi @jeremydmarx, good question. I’ll check in with our Curriculum Team now and follow up here once I know more.

The Gold Medal Metrics project walkthrough is in-progress. :partying_face:
The Boss Machine one is not, however, I have created a ticket for our team to make one. I’ll update this thread once they go live.


hey! just wondering how is that ticket progress…


Same Hope for the Boss machine and Gold medal projects! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Can I leapfrog on this thread and ask about the Wanderlust project walkthrough video for Intro to JS course? From the forums it seems like there used to be a video, but it doesn’t show up for me under the ‘get help’ tab. This project seems like it’s throwing a lot of people (including me) for a loop so a video would be great!