No response received from web browser

Hello there everyone! I’m getting the “No response received from web browser” error. Anyone else?

What were you doing when the error came? It will be more informative if you were a bit detailed with the situation. It makes it possible for potential helpers to be able to under the problem, so they can help you with it.

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provide screenshot

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:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:Excellent

I was doing the bootstrap course and going through C#'s latest courses on Lists and LINQ. I got in touch with CC through email already but I checked on the forums that it’s a common server issue so I presumed that if other people were having the same issue, it wouldn’t be a personal issue. :smiley:

Perhaps, one of the admins or moderators will get a bit more detail from you to be able to help you with your query.

I keep getting the same since lessons 6 and 7 of 14 in HTML Document Standards.

:confused: hope issue gets solved

Oof this is still happening? Calling in @mattliv for backup on this one. Thank you for all the patience you’ve had so far.

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:crossed_fingers: Thanks Lucas. I have to imagine the answer, view the solution to be able to move to the next lesson…cheating I think.

Thank you Alyssa.

I was doing Lesson 2 HTML Document Standards.

From 6/14 I keep getting the ‘no response from browser’.

So now I have to imagine answer then view solution to be able to move to the next lesson.

Hi Alyssa

Can you confirm if Codecademy is looking at this issue please?

I have also highlighted the issue twice today in Get Unstuck.

The continuation of the issue without visibility of any resolution is taking the enjoyment and challenge out of the learning experience because I have to view the solution to progress to the next lesson.

Thank you


Today I am on HTML Tables, Create a table lesson 2/13.

When clicking Run after performing lesson instruction I am getting no response from web server message again.

Please may Codecademy explain what is happening to address this issue as it is disrupting my learning pace and enjoyment if I have to keep viewing the solution as the only method to go to the next lesson.

Thank you.

I am now on HTML Forms, How a Form Works Lesson 2/14 and its the no response from web server again.

It’s upsetting that on top of this persistent disruptive issue for a new user, there has been no reply to my issue on this forum or several Get Unstuck submissions from within the lesson.

Hi @nasa-spacex Sorry to hear you’re having some issues connecting to Codecademy! Do you mind contacting us here by pressing “Contact Us”. I’ll pick up the ticket and send you some troubleshooting instructions!

Hi Mattliv,

I have submitted as requested.

Thank you.

Hello. I am also getting this error which is very frustrating.

Yes! But if you want to still get through the exercises, try to get through it, copy your code, force error and get the solution on the exercise pannel. Compare your solution to codecademy’s and see if you got it right!

Hello @script5153463484 and welcome to the Codecademy Forums!

See this topic for possible solutions to your problem.