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Tagging @mattliv into this! Matt, any news either way for this issue in the bootstrap course?

@alyssavigil reading here and it seems like some of the users here are having the “no response” issue in different courses and not just bootstrap. I’ll check the status of that though. A lot of the time these errors occur because there’s an issue with the connection to Codecademy and not because of a bug

Can confirm this is still happening on the CSS course:

CSS → Visual Rules → Font Family

I just checked and it works for me. It’s likely a problem on your end. Have you checked your internet connection and disabled any browser extensions that might be affecting it? Also, Codecademy recommends the use of Chrome.

Yes, I had a connection and refreshed multiple times. The only way to get around it was to go to “Get Unstuck” where you can compare your code. Although mine was the same as the solution, it still gave me the same error. When I pressed the replace with solution, it marked it as complete. I had this issue with 3 or 4 of the lessons there. One in-between worked without issue and then it re-occurred on the following lesson. Although I never tried to press the “Keep my code” button to see if that would work as well.



I’m having the same issue with Code Challenge: CSS Design. They all seem to have the ‘No response’ issue. I tried: different browsers, disabling my extensions, refreshing my browser, refreshing the exercises, clearing my cache, disconnecting and reconnecting to my wifi, restarting my laptop, praying to the gods, but none of it made a difference. The only way to advance the exercise is to click ‘replace with solution.’

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@jdelgado1025 @dev3699803656 I’m tagging in one of the community managers from Codecademy, hopefully they’ll be able to help you out.


I also am having this exact issue at this place.