No response received from web browser

Everytime I click run on the bootstrap course I get the error No response received from web browser

I’ve so far deleted my cookies and relogged into my account, but it doesn’t seem to fix the issue.

Any ideas?

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Have the same trouble.

Same for me as well. The issue has started after the maintenance downtime earlier today.

I have the same problem? somebody knows when they are going to fix it?

Hey everyone!

Yes I can confirm this is a bug. I would recommend submitting a bug report and waiting for it to be fixed. I will also submit a bug report to the system about this.

Hope this Helps!

New update: it seems to have been fixed for me… is anyone still having trouble?

No trouble since you’ve said it’s been fixed. Thank you.

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I am new here
. I still have the problem Since the beginning

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Just started the HTML forms lesson and unable to do the first part on section 2, getting " No response received from web browser"


I have the same problem so I think I`m stuck for now

The only way I could get past was to have it solve it for me and then I could go onto the next section

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Thank you! That was very helpful.

Exactly the same bug at the same section.

i’ll have to do the same thing to go onto the next section but it’s sad to have to “solve” it… we’re here because we want to pratice.

I have the same problem currently, any solution?

Same here, lesson 6 and 7 of 14 in HTML Document Standards. Not ideal as I have to keep clicking Run until I am presented with the option of View Solution, which defeats the aim learning.

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I have the same problem in CSS course :confused:

You can see the following two topics for assistance.

Welcome to the forums!

I already checked it, still had to report bug on that lesson.

Do you have a link to the specific lesson where you had the problem? I’ve checked a random CSS lesson and it works fine for me.