No response received from web browser


First time posting here. I keep getting an error after executing the run command. No response received from web browser. Is this because there is a problem with my code, my computer, or code academy?

Thanks for the help


I have the same problem…:confused:


It’s codecademy and not your code!


reload your page or re sign in to your account


I’ve been grinding my way through these lessons by constantly refreshing the page, resetting my progress and everything else I can think of, but the same problem keeps happening. It makes learning pretty difficult. I hope code academy can resolve this issue.


Help Tips:

  1. Reset or clear your browser cookies.

  2. If problem persists, Use another browser to access your account.

  3. If both options doesn’t work, Log in using another computer.

  4. If problem still … Codecademy should be arrested!


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