"No response received from web browser" error message

anyone know how to solve this message. every time I submit code in a exercise it loads then a message pops up and says “No response received from web browser” Ive never had this issue using codecademy just started today. My internet is working fine I even restarted my router and my laptop and it keeps saying the same message . Someone know how to solve this.

Hi there,

I have two suggestions. My first suggestion would be to report a bug and wait to see if that fixes the problem. My second suggestion is to let the lesson “solve” the problem for you and you should be able to continue. But if it keeps acting up, definitely report the issue.


been using codecademy for 7 months at home on the same laptop never had this problem before. and ive reloaded the webpage plenty of times already.

There’s more in that link I posted.

  • Did you clear the cache?
  • Are you using Chrome?
  • Do you have any extensions installed?