No quotes i have tried everything but still it sends me back to zero. confused now



    <table border="1px">

              <th>Famours Monster</th>
              <th>Birth year</th>

                <td>King Kong</td>


                <td>Bride of Frankenstein</td>



Hello gigarockstar86331 it looks like you misspelled famous. I will pull up the project and get back with you.

As suspected it returns this error if you misspell famous: Oops, try again. Make sure your first header cell has a value of 'Famous Monster' (no quotes...)


I agree with the fact that Famous is misspelled, however, thead should be closed before opening tbody, just like you close head (<head></head>) before body (<body></body>). So gigarockstar86331 is closed correctly. I edited your answer, now it is correct


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