No programming knowledge and no experience where to start

Hello ,

I have no programming knowledge or no programming experience . Where to start ?

My aim is to built video games and apps for Android and iphone/ipad . Where to start . i just started java cours from codeademy and im getting little know how to the java commands

I,m in Java Compiling section right now using the free tool . but im thinking to get the pro version .
Am i on the right path ?

Thank you

Hey there!

Programming can be tough to pick up initially as there’s a lot of jargon and terms you pick up as you do more languages. Java can also be a tricky language to start on, as it is a strongly typed language that heavily relies on classes. Classes are a big part of programming, however in many other languages they’re one of the last things to be learned of the basics since there’s other bigger foundational things to pick up first to understand classes.

I would recommend leaving the Java course for now, and starting with Learn How To Code. This is a course that doesn’t focus on any language and takes coding back to it’s very basics, introducing you to things like data types, loops, functions etc without having to worry about specific language syntax. It can be a good primer to get started.

If you have Pro I would also highly recommend the Learn Python 3 course. Whilst Python isn’t too useful directly for building apps for mobile devices, it is a very simple language, and is designed to read more like a sentence than other languages will. It’s a perfect starter language for learning the basics of functions, classes, loops, and everything you’d need to build a game.

If you complete both of these courses, I think you could then go back to the Learn Java course and be in a much better place to get started. Whilst the syntax is very different than it is in Python, the basics are the same for essentially all programming languages, since you’ll need to learn data types, loops, functions, arrays, classes and more for basically any programming language. It may seem like a lot of work up front unrelated to the course you want, but I think it could definitely help you out.

From personal experience I started on C++ which is considered one of the harder languages to learn. I found myself getting incredibly confused by much of the code as I basically had no experience with coding at that point. I went away and learned Python, Javascript, Java, C#, and R and then came back to C++, and have since found it a million times easier to follow. I can now approach it with that programming brain, and see how similar it is to many other languages. The best way to learn is learn the fundamentals and then just to practise!

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Hello there!
Programming can be hard to start, but you will start to adapt to everything (with some time)! I started coding the wrong way, always trying to go directly to my goals (building web pages), while I believe the best option would be the easiest one. In my opinion, Python.
I started Python, and abandoned it only having learned the basics. Now, I made my goals as clear as possible:

  • Front End Web Development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Back End Web Development: PHP, Node.js, MySQL
  • General Purpose: Python, C++, JavaScript
  • App Development: Java, Kotlin, C++
  • Game Development: Phaser.js (If you know JavaScript), Java, C#
    Try to tackle every one of the topics very slowly, and I think you will realise when you really have the hold of it. Then, it will be time to speed up.
    Anyway, Hope you have a good time coding :slight_smile:

I’m on the quiz page for programming learn how to code

i don’t understand this

Take a look at the following code snippet. If we print out the final value of numSides, what would it be?


numsides = 4

triangle - 3

numsides = triangle

answer is 3

i don’t understand how they do it ? like mathematics etc ?

Hey , i think you havent share the whole exercice

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