No output shown & frequently keeps loosing connection with code academy server

I just completed 27% of Java course. But till now, the output console didn’t show me / print output.

Also, very frequently code academy tries to connect with their server

Please help me resolve the issue.

I have a very good broadband connection ! So I don’t think, the issue is from my end.


I’d try switching out my connection and my browser one at a time, there could for example be security measures that aren’t letting something through (I have no idea what I’m talking about, but switching things out seems like a good idea eh)

So I’d try chrome/firefox and for switching out the connection I’d try a proxy, the Tor network would do the trick of getting around anything that could be between you and codecademy.

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With which code did you print in Java.

Your Java session is
is an encapsulated session with threshholds on time-spend on section, I/O , CPU-used and connection-time.

If you run into one of the treshhold you will have to leave the course
and wait for a server-side connection-time-out…