No output from program

# checking for a good password
# has to have upper case, lower case and number

def good_password(password):
    for letters in password:
        if letters.isupper()or letters.islower():
            return True
        elif len(password) >= 8:
            return True
        elif password.isdigit():
            return True
            return False

def main():
    password = input ("Enter your password: ")

if __name__ == "__ main__ ":

good_password returns a boolean, yet when you call the function:


I don’t see you do anything with the returned value?

I just want it to give me a boolean

so why don’t you print() the returned result?

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I thought this part includes calling the main function

It does, but there is no print() anywhere to print any output.

I just added another main function calling it

and added a print statement here and it works