No More Live Tutors?

Was on Codecademy over a year ago, seem to remember the website offered live 1:1 tutoring help for pro members. Was this feature removed all together? Would be very dissapointed if it was.

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Well, We Still have live chat with CodeCademy Advisors. But that is being removed sometime between now and 2019. There is something even better coming sometime next year!

The CC team has a lot of awesome projects they are working on. There will be a lot of exciting Changes coming soon.

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:open_mouth: Noooooo! I have been looking for that feature since I upgraded and really need it for a problem I am having with formulas :sob: Is it still available and if so, how do i get to it?

Hey everyone, dedicated support from Code Coaches is something that we’ve been offering as part of Codecademy’s Pro Intensives. We are getting ready to offer a new and improved 1:1 tutoring help system in the opening weeks of January – some learners will already have received word about this and booked a session.

@silver-strings I’ll DM you the booking link for advanced access. :slight_smile:


Hello. Yesterday I first signed up for codeacademy pro. When I first logged in it asked me if I wanted an advisor or something but I didnt pick the link and now I cant find anything about it. Is that option still available? I was wondering if you could send me the link as well. Thank you.

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I bought codeacadamy pro a few days ago and i got an email saying i can get a free session, i clicked the link and booked a session, the time slot came and went and my coach didnt show up, who do i talk to for a refund?

Hey @javawhiz88658, I’m really sorry about that, you must have been very disappointed. :frowning: Our Customer Support team is still the best to reach out to in this case. Please visit and clock “Submit a Request” in the top right hand corner to reach one of the team.

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I have contacted codeacdemy through this portal to request a refund, but noone responds. They make it impossible to cancel your subscription. Even though I canceled subscription, they still charged me. I had to cancel my debit card so they wont charge me again. Such poor customer service. Feeling ripped off