No Menu Change/What's wrong with my code?/ Where is the opening ( for the closed )


My code seems to be correct. Though, the menu doesn't change. What's wrong with my code. Where's the opening ( character that is found in the code below? Why is it closed there? What's the logic?

var main = function() {

$('.icon-menu').click(function() {


left: 'Opx'
}, 200);       

left: '258px'
}, 200);

}); <---- QUESTION - WHERE IS THE OPENING ( to this closed one ) Where here?




You will have to change your

left: 'Opx'


left: '0px'

As a parameter of your
icon-menu =click= Eventhandler

$('.icon-menu').click( );

you are providing a

function() {
           //Your animation

thus you will have

                     function() {
                                 //Your animation