No link to jQuery library in html head?


Looking at the html file, I find no link to jQuery library. How does it work then? If I try this locally the jQuery code does not work, obviously. For the sake of clarity either add the link in the head or explain how the examples work.

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It's not a link, its a script to the JQuery library.



@krazykodekat You're correct about the tag names, but “link” is still used (not incorrectly) to refer to how jQuery is brought in :slight_smile:

@codeace23298 This is sloppiness on the course creator's part, as far as I can tell. jQuery is being imported through the main site, since Codecademy uses jQuery for stuff, and so the course creator didn't bother linking it in the code. In “real life”, you will need to import jQuery for it to work :slight_smile:


@zystvan I have an idea how they do it. What I'd like to see is a little bit of explanation for those who have never used jQuery. The way it is now, is misleading to the new coder.