No idea where to start on the fotomatic project

Hi Everyone,

i’m relatively new to codeacademy and coding in gereral for that matter…

I am working on the full-stack-engineer path. :smile:

i’m just about to start work on the fotomatic off-platform project:

I’ve looked at the spec, html and existing CSS and have no clue where to start!!

I’ve completed all lessons up to this point, i’m just drawing a blank

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance


Hello. I’m going to assume you’ve downloaded and installed VS Code. That would be the very, VERY first step if you haven’t done it by now. When I started Fotomatic, what I wish someone had told me (and I hope this is not a SPOILER), was that the html links the wrong style sheet, linking reset instead of style. Switch it over first in your boilerplate. Then at least you’ll be looking at the correct CSS.

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Thank you so much for your reply!

I’ve managed now I’ve realised to link the correct css and converted the measurements on the spec to rem/em

It was much easier to understand that way

Thanks again

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