No ID, No Entry...My Code looks Correct, Keep getting error, Please help


I can see the result-I have 5 circles. 2 are green, 1 is blue and 2 are red. I continue to get the error code of "did you remember to assign a best_friend to your


Is it my browser? Is it codeacademy? I don't know what to do anymore. I'm using Chrome.

	<!--Add your HTML below!-->
<div class="friend" id class="best_friend"></div>
<div class="friend"></div>
<div class="family"></div>
<div class="enemy"></div>
<div class="enemy" id class="archnemesis"></div>


Replace 'class' with 'id' for best_friend, should work.


D'oh! I kept looking at their example and could have swore I saw that there!

Thank you! it worked!


No problem, I'm happy to help!


Hello lose the Class after ID and all should be well.