No help category for CS courses

There are no Get Help categories in the forum for the computer science courses that do not involve a particular language. At this point, there are several CS courses available throughout the site, but there isn’t a good place to consolidate questions on these topics. This is a disheartening oversight because some of the most confusing topics in the world of software development are the low level topics involving binary manipulation, hardware functions, and extreme low-level languages like Assembly.

When someone has a problem understanding one of these topics, we can’t just hop over to the forum like we can with the language courses (especially Python which is by far the most popular language on the site). I feel like these courses are leaving people feeling alone treading water because you don’t have anywhere to turn to for support, and it’s going to discourage others from taking on these courses and learning about the more intriguing side of computing and software.

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Hmm, interesting. I don’t believe there are any categories for broad topics like this, data science, web dev, etc. but perhaps one of the current categories could still work for you.

For a general question, perhaps #get-help:general-programming would be good. Or depending on what language you’re working with at the time, you could use that particular languages category.