No Follow in Head tags

Something I have been wondering about when using the tag and possibly adding a no follow robot.txt in it. Would this be possible? I want to create a small or low code static page for testing.
I know that indexing isn’t really an issue, just wondering if the syntax and code would work since it is where SEO thrives about a page and all the other metadata.
If not, that is ok. Had this and been wondering about this for a while.

When it comes to adding a “no follow” directive, it’s typically used in anchor tags (links) to indicate to search engines not to follow that particular link. However, if you want to control indexing for the entire page, you’d usually use the “robots meta tag” in the head section of your HTML.

For a low-code static page, it’s a good practice to include relevant metadata like title, description, and keywords in your head section.
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Remember, SEO is an ongoing process, and tweaking your page’s metadata can make a difference in how it ranks in search results. Keep exploring and experimenting to find the best approach for your specific needs!