No empty p tags!


So am trying to Save & Submit the code but this message keeps coming up:"Oops, try again. No empty p tags! Make sure to write a bit about yourself in all three paragraphs.".

<!DOCTYPE html>
            <title>WHO AM I
            <p><h4>Why I'm Here</h4>
            <img src="" />
            <p>I was brought here by a Friend. He told me the whole world needs to learn about computer, so i came here.
            <p><h4>What I Do</h4>
            <img src="" />
            <p>Currently I'm not working. I'm still in University; at <strong><a href="">Loughborough</a></strong>, one of the most briliant uni's that the UK has to offer. Studdying mathematics and attempting to build an athletics currier, I've learnt to juggle. 
            <p>As you can probably tell I'm really bad at spelling, in fact I'm <strong>Dyslexic</strong> and am a selfediagnosed computer illiterate. Yeah, I'm not the sharpest tool in the box. But honestly with the help of <a href="">Codecademy</a> I found learning HTML very easy.


You have your h4 heading tags inside the paragraph you should have it out of the paragraph( not inside the paragraph)


THank you.

Is it possible to change font size mid paragraph?


That you will do with CSS


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