No empty p tags. (All syntax correct)

Hi, I have seen many, many, many topics about this, but all of them have some obvious syntax error.

I am 405% sure all my syntax is correct, as I looked through other topics as well. If I am however, wrong, please correct me. But I tried using Notepad++ with the same code and made an html file, and it works perfectly fine, it won’t show any errors obviously, but the page looks exactly like I want it to.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <head><title>I like cheese!</title></head>

    <h3>CHEESE IS NICE!!!</h3>
    <p>Why do I like cheese? BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME!<p>
    <a href=""
	<img src="" />
    <p>I like cheese, I run a website, and I love learning HTML so much!</p>
    <p>Cheese makes me hungry! Have you ever had cheese with grapes?</p>
    <p>I also like ham! Ham and Cheese! OMG so good!</p>

(Also can someone tell me how to change my name from this blogblaster thing because I didn’t choose that and I don’t know how it got like that.)

have a close look
<p>Why do I like cheese? BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME!<p> // you forgot to close 

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